High quality hires recording section on the upcoming new PS Audio website?


Is it a good idea to have a high quality hires recording section on the new (upcoming) PS Audio website? In such a section we can put hyperlinks to e-stores with very good PCM24 and DSD files!


I was thinking of creating a list of such stores and keep it up to date. This is something we can do now in this forum. *-:slight_smile:


I don’t believe a list with hires stores is sufficient. We realy need to know what hires recordings are excellent. FYI: some recordings on Linn records are bad and some are excellent…


If we create a category for this and solicit input comments on the SQ of particular releases, how do we keep it organized and tidy so it is easy to navigate?


Well the same apply to CD’s not all are good and some are good for some people and bad for others, YMMV. So a second list of good or bad recordings can be done to.


Please skip the list with bad recordings…

I am not sure how to organize this. It might be difficult. @Gordon: maybe you can discuss this with your PSAudio contacts?


Maybe an web input form can be created to submit your hires recordings with predefined fields such as Composer, Artist, Album Title and url.


At the moment we only have the present forum format to work with.

There is a new web site in the works so perhaps it will allow more flexibility.


I opt to think about it using the new website. What could be an option is to create a dedicated page with these high qualiy hires recordings. This dedicated/separate page could then be maintained by one webmaster (Gordon?).


There must be a forum and/or list like this already somewhere.

I do not suggest this forum should not do so also, but there may already be some nice resources out there already.


I have not found any good (= non commercial) websites with high quality hires files…

I was thinking of creating a list of such stores and keep it up to date. This is something we can do now in this forum. *-:)

A good starting point for a list of DSD Download stores would be the DSD Database list that Ted Brady and Jesus R of Sonore maintain.

See lines 103 to 121 on the document at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgVhKcl_3lHfdFVyenBBNjNpQ2lieG81WGpqQTNfVUE#gid=0


@bmoura8@comcast.net That is excellent thanks for share.


Using Google Docs for the high quality hires music files is indeed a very good idea!

@Gordon: could we use this in the future?


This might be useful on how to embed a live Google Docs spreadsheet into a webpage:


@bmoura8@comcast.net That is excellent thanks for share.

Glad to share the info.

On the list of Quality Hi Res recordings, I'd suggest a list of favorites that music fans could use with the DirectStream DAC.

Could be a list of some of the really excellent DSD Downloads now available (like Crossing by David Elias, Somethin' Else by Cannonball Adderley, Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section, Count Basie & the Kansas City 7, The Nat King Cole Story, Blood, Sweat & Tears, etc.) followed by an indication of how many forum members voted it a favorite.

That would be handy information for new DirectStream owners.


i suspect the list of enjoyable albums will grow with the new DS as even older recordings tend to sound better.


That’s true, some old Philips recording for instance are fabulous…


some sites listed here



Yes that’s true but some recordings on e.g. Linn records are bad and some are excellent…