Hissing noise from speaker

Hi, I’ve just auditioned M700 with JDAC. Wanted to audition SGC DAC + S300 but was not availble.

Is it normal to hear a hissing noise from the speaker’s tweeter when the above is in idle?

Will SDC + S300 combo have the same behaviour? Please advise and thank you in advance.

The JDAC can produce a small amount of hiss in the tweeters. The SGCD will have far less.

Thank you Paul for the reply.

Is there a way to minimise the hiss if i chose to get JDAC ?

Yes. If you have sufficient gain in your setup (most people do) there’s an attenuator position that lowers amplitude and noise by 20dB. If you experiment again, use the remote control and press the Filter button. This will engage/disengage the attenuator.