Holo Audio May or DS mk2?

Ideally you’d push it up to at least 352/384k (and the higher the better), why limit to 88k? Push that noise way out so its reflections don’t alter the audio band.

I’m a fan of poly-sinc-lp when I need to mellow things a bit. ext2 is like a high voltage charger and is great for mid day stuff. I find sinc-m to also be quite a bit softer/mellower vs ext2.

Ext3 and sinc-mx are both quite good but ext3 is very demanding on cpu and I’m limited there for rates beyond 768k.

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Because Border Patrol only goes to 24/96. Though supposedly it can do 176, I ought to give that a try…


Part 2: the subjective review, I think will set the hook in your wallet. I just watched it on Patreon…


I’m curious to hear his subjective impression of L2 vs L3.

Just watched pt2. He sure gushes over it. It’s too bad it’s not easier to home trial as I think many will like it a bunch and some won’t, just like any piece of audio gear.

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How did the May Dac compare to the DSD playing CDs from a transport, assuming you have one, and if so, which transport?

I haven’t had a transport in decades.

Well just made the mistake of listening to part 2 from the GoldSound review of the May Dac.
His enthusiasm for the product is convincing.
Just don’t think I want to introduce a computer to my rig. I’d be very interested in hearing from others who have the May Dac and have compared it to the DSD using the PST as a source.

You don’t need a computer. I play native PCM and DSD in NOS mode. I have posted my impressions on Audiophilestyle and Audiogon and I won’t post them here for obvious reasons.

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