Holo Audio: one of the best dacs ever? J Atkinson, H Reichert, S Deckert, M Lavorgna, GoldenSound, D Abramson and almost 50% of the Stereophile reviewers think so. Stereophile A+ and POY 2020

After that show, it’s Griphon and Martin Logan.
I have heard a lot of Griphon lately, pretty much all of it. Not convinced.

MBL is the ticket, IMHO. When I heard them at my dealer’s, OMG. Jurgen Reis is a genius.
I think @minnesotafats has the coolest system on this forum.

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Thanks again, adimon. I will give them a Call later Today …

My Holo Audio May KTE has been ordered……


Congratulations I am sure you will share your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Congrats !


Tom, I am interested in the Serene.
You and @brett66 seem to love it, and prefer it to the more expensive BHK pre.
Can you please share how it sounds and why you love it?

All I can attest to is the Serene is the BEST Pre I have ever owned.
I guess the BHK pre was pretty good an debated ALL my previous Pre’s, but the Serene bested the BHK in my rig.

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Interesting. I’ve actually never heard of an audiophile switch. I’m curious what changed sonically?

Yes I use an Aries G2 with the May and it is absolutely fantastic. Not one complaint. Good thing about the Aries G2 is that the designer specified it works better over WiFi than over Ethernet, so one less cable to buy. It doesn’t support DSD1024 so that might be an issue if you have such high resolution files.


Congrats! You’ll love it!


I hope so. I have yet to actually hear one but I have a few friends, whose ears I trust, that have the May and they say I will love it. A NOS DAC makes sense for me considering how much I like what HQPlayer does with music. In a few months I’ll have a good idea!

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Yeah I was in the same boat. I bought it without having heard it. I had to rely on the measurements and word of mouth of different users. It definitely is something special.

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Goblue, this review is spot on:

That’s what I hear. It’s a bit like going from an out of focus black and white photo to a focused color photo. Better sense of venue, more air, transparency, bigger soundstage, strings are more relaxed, more and better bass. With the lower distortion, it sounds louder although the level is unchanged.

My streaming was behind my PST, now it’s ahead.

However, let’s not exaggerate, it’s not better than upgrading a component. But Innuos is onto something, for sure … This is my first Innuos product. It’s staying chez Phil. I am buying the review sample. No reviewer accommodation price, unfortunately.

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Thanks I’ll check out the link. I’m currently using WiFi with my streamer but this is very interesting.

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Brett (or anyone else that knows),

What streamer are you using that supports I2S direct to the May?

I use the Matrix between my Lumin U1 and the May.
There is a thread somewhere about streamers with an I2S output.
Hope this helps.

I have a Matrix and the manual says it does not support 1.536Mhz PCM (768kHz is the max PCM rate). @brett66 is using some small computer that supports I2s at that rate. I am trying to find out what that computer is…

IIRC, Brett has posted a diagram of his system in this thread, or somewhere else on this forum. The info you are looking for may be on that diagram. Good luck.
Edit: tons of info about HQP and the May on a huge thread on Audiophile Style, or you could post a question there, perhaps.

More than likely a DDC other than the Matrix ( I don’t recall any that can handle 1.4/1.5 PCM ) or an NAA end point with I2S out.

I currently use an MeLE computer stick as HQPlayer NAA for 1.4/1.5 MHz PCM. ( through USB )
Possibly a Fitlet2 or UP Board configured as NAA with I2S output, not a lot of traction for I2S with HQPlayer.

FYI, if you have ordered a new Level 2 or KTE May, it will more than likely have the latest USB input card which appears to accept any USB output at 1.4/1.5 MHz ( not just Intel USB as originally )

For those of us who have the original USB card, the cost will be $100 and the return of your old USB card.
If your May is 3 - 4 months old, the upgrade might be free, but I am not 100% clear on this.

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Brussels hi fi show pictures for the hi fi family.
Who can guess the speakers and electronics ?