Holo Audio: one of the best dacs ever? John Atkinson, H Reichert, M Lavorgna and S Deckert think so

I have read that the only function of their FPGAs is to improve the precision of the ladder network.

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Sure it is answering your question…you just don’t see it.

Ted uses the FPGA to do the upsampling/filtering/noise shaping. Holo Audio uses an R2R ladder circuit with PCM and a separate and discreet Dual Resistor Ladder network for DSD. The FPGA chips (there are several) are used for various control functions in the DAC. One of those functions is controlling the linear compensation of the ladders.

If you look at the measurements of the DAC, you would see that there really isn’t anything to be done to lower the noise floor or increase the resolution of the DAC.

The available upsampling filters are present in DAC chip.

So, no, upgrading the FPGA is far less likely to improve the sound of the DAC unless they find that some of the FPGA is doing something wrong. However, based on well the DAC measures, that is not likely.


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In simple terms, an R-2R dac has an array of resistors arranged so that they operate in a stepped increase in values, first creating a value of R, them 2R, then 3R, etc. Each step is similar to the rung of a ladder, so they call it an R-2R ladder array. All the circuits I have seen pictures of also have the resistors arranged on the circuit board in rows, and each row resembles a small ladder with closely spaced rungs. I hope this translates well into French for you, and I’m sorry that others have given you a difficult time about this. Translators can sometimes fail to help our understanding, especially in the discussions using technological terms.


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Google “ladder DAC” and the fourth image is this:

Can you see the ladder?

It’s a bunch of resistors that are oriented in a way that makes them look like a ladder.

Each resistor “set” or “step of the ladder” is responsible for one of the bits of the digital signal from 1bit to 24 bit (when the ladder has 24 steps - the diagram above does not show the full ladder).


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