Holo Audio: one of the best dacs ever? John Atkinson, H Reichert, M Lavorgna and S Deckert think so

There are multiple Youtube videos in which is stated that the Holo DAC’s are the best with PCM recordings as there the resistors are optimally used…

DSD is reported is the lesser soundwise with the Holo DAC…

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I’m interested in viewing this videos. Which reviewers are you referring to?

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I am interested too. Where can we find those reviews ?

Sorry guys, I have to reprhase. I couple of reviewers mentioned that they preferred 16 bit recordings… But that is not really saying anything about DSD of course…

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My experience : I have about 420 DSD files, and a few SACDs. The May KTE sounds just as amazing with DSD files and SACDs fed by the wonderful PSA PST, as it does with PCM. By the way, I don’t upsample, and my DSD library is very small compared to my CDs and PCM library.

On the Audiophile Style thread, a lot of people use HQ Player, like @brett66, @mrderrick, @speed-racer, and they apparently love the May with everything upsampled to DSD.

I am really looking forward to @waymanchen11 trying the May. He will use the DSD side of the May with his SACDs, and will confirm, or not, the lack of sensitivity of the May to hdmi cables.


Add me too the list also. Looks like mine will be delivered in about a week. It’s been a long wait but looking forward to hearing it.


Congratulations @goblue !! Please give us your feedback: best input (I2S in my system), Matrix or not (better with in my case), cables, etc.

We learn by sharing.

With due credit to @bootzilla, welcome !


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Yeah will do. I don’t have a matrix, so I’ll be using my Aries G2 (usb) as the front end. It seems like everyone raves about the Matrix and I might give on a try. It will be interesting to compare the May against the DSD.


Will be interesting to see if you find that better usb cables make a difference.
Comparing to the DS took me all of 10 minutes. The Holo wiped the floor with it. The DS was a great dac, 6 years ago, and still is, with the latest update, but it’s not in the same league. Ted is very, very good, but Jeff is a genius. Not the same league, I am afraid.

I have both a stock SU-1 and a KTE SU-2. Also had a Matrix before the KTE SU-2. the The SU-1 is good, so is the Matrix, they were very similar. Both plugged into a P10. The KTE SU-2 is remarkably better. There are audiophile words to describe it. But I will stick with remarkable.

KTE path:

Roon Rock (on LPS) → CAT8 → UniFi Switch (Fiber) → UniFi Switch (on Transparent Powerwave) → CAT8 → UltraRendu (on LPS) → USB (WW Platinum) → KTE SU-2 (on P10) → i2s (PSA PW12) → DS (on P10).

Next change in this chain will be to replace the UltraRendu with a Sonore OpticalRendu.

The SU-1 currently sits between a nVidia Shield Pro (USB out) and a Sony TA-ZH1ES for nighttime TV listening. I use the spdif output.


I actually convert everything to 1.4/1.5 MHz PCM, even the few DSD files that I have.
HAF or Home Audio Fidelity filters plugged into HQP matrix pipeline are key to SQ.

My current path;

  • HQPE & HAF 1.4/1.5 MHz 20 Bit PCM
  • Streaming Qobuz or Files from external SSD
  • Switch → Ethernet → Sonore opticalModule → Fiber → Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i9 Optical
  • Switch → Ethernet → Sonore opticalModule → Fiber → Sonore opticalModule → Ethernet → MeLE NAA → USB → Intona 3.0 → USB → Holo Audio KTE May
  • Goldpoint SA1X/47 → XLR to Decware ZBIT → RCA to Decware ZSTAGE25 → RCA to Decware
    SE84UFO25 → Avantgarde Duo Omega Horns with Townshend Super Tweeters

The switch is nothing special and is integrated into my ISP modem.
All opticalModules, including the one integrated into the STi9 have their own LPS as does the STi9 and MeLE NAA.



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Impressive system.

IIRC, Jussi from HQP recommends DSD 256 on the Audiophile Style thread.

Have you tried that ?


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Interesting that you note: “Ted is very, very good, but Jeff is a genius. Not the same league, I am afraid.”
I’m asking myself who are you that you can do such a statement. Perhaps you can enlighten me in this respect. And maybe sometimes it is a better way to be a more lenient and friendly gentle man.


These types of devices are new to me. Am I correct in that the SU-2 has a similar function to the Matrix. Do they both take usb in and can output i2s?




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Based on just listening between products, you make such a harsh statement? An unartful exuberant expression floating out there, awaiting a pull back after a little introspection?
Lets see what Ted comes with in the DS MKII and TSS.

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I think Phil is simply very(possibly overly) zealous about this Jeff and was short sighted about his statement. I’d think(hope) he is not trying to be hurtful.


I was just enthusiastic. I didn’t mean to be hurtful.
I am sorry.