Holo Audio: one of the best dacs ever? John Atkinson, H Reichert, M Lavorgna and S Deckert think so

Don’t laugh! That’s a high tech Chinese folding stool. Yes, and it does really sound as good as it looks. Perfect height for the purpose it is used. :joy:


You’re a good man too, Charlie Brown :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI: Just received the Pumpkin shaped LP of Charlie Brown Haloween.
Will be listening tonight.

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What a coincidence :+1::joy:

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Just pulled it up via Qobuz…

Fun stuff/right time of the year…!

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Phil, I absolutely do not hate the May DAC.
Kindly refrain from speaking for me.

If the fact that the DAC I already had in my system lists at one two three four Five times the cost of the May doesn’t suggest the possibility that I may be correct in stating a strong preference for it, I don’t know what will. Don’t hit back with the cost is no guarantee thought, in this case it stands up.

I won’t mention I prefer the sound of the $700 Black Ice DAC.



I think the topic of God, like politics, and covid, unless it aligns with the mainstream narrative, is considered taboo around here.

Certainly the memory and music of these artists will survive long after any recollection of my puny self.

I’m on Underwood HiFi site and see a Black Ice player (transport + dac ) for $2599 but do not see a $700 Dac only.
Can you direct us with a link please.
I see a $999 Black Ice Dac that TAS voted BEST under $1K. Is that the Dac you are referring to ??

I have mentioned this before…I have the Jolida version of this DAC (Black Ice is f/k/a Jolida) and it is really a great piece of kit. It is my work/office DAC and is perfect for smaller systems due to its form factor.

@twablt, FYI:

Glass FX Tube DAC III | Jolida (from back in the day)

Underwood HiFi carries the latest iteration I believe:


You have to scroll down the page to find the DAC. Its the $999 “FX Tube DAC DSD Wifi”.

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Yes sir, although the price has gone up considerably it would seem. It was a steal at $729. It’s still a bargain at the current price.

At the current Black Ice price you might want to look at the Musical Paradise MP-D2 Mk III at $1050.
With it you have the capability to roll 6, 7 and 12 volt input tubes plus 5 & 6 volt rectifiers as well as capacitors and DAC chipsets. I have owned both the Mk I and Mk III versions and have always stuck with the AKM chips as that was what the DAC was originally designed around.


Based on your glowing review and TAS, I’m considering the Black Ice Dac/Transport (player) for $2599 and I’m sure Walter would discount off that number.


It’s probably a very nice piece. Can’t wait to read your review!

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Thanks, Gary. We’d like to do our best to keep this site focused on audio, music, gear, tweaks, and all things to do with music and its enjoyment in the home setting.

Religion, politics and controversial subjects outside the realm are discouraged. Which is hard to do since we are a community and as a community we should be helping each other in all manner of endeavors that life brings to us.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with religious discussions as long as they are gentle and respectful. Somehow they get pretty personal and (amazingly) seem to leave the realm of kindness and all that religions are supposed to represent. Before you know it we have folks violently defending their choices. Not helpful.

And then there’s facts and science.

If our members were able to keep science as science and not get into this “science is sometimes a (liberal or conservative) conspiracy”, we might have room for such conversations.

Alas, now that every person on the planet with a keyboard has a voice, opinions based not in fact or science begin to fly around as if they were the truth. No longer is their room for fact checkers. No longer is there a trusted source of news that can be separated from “entertainment” news.

One thing I will point out is that unlike many online sites that support the loud and angry discussions because it increases their traffic flow, that’s not why we’re here. We could care less how many people come here to join our community. We don’t sell or promote ads and if it means we don’t get the traffic hoped for, then who cares?

Ten people being civil with each other in the sharing of ideas and experiences, helping each other with musical choices and gear selection—tips and tricks—is to us far more valuable and worth the monthly investment we must make to keep this site running, then 10,000 people bickering over whether it makes sense or not to get vaccinated or to vote for this fellow or that fellow.

We try to keep our family in a safe place.


Thanks, Paul!

Paul, well stated. Once again thank-you for creating and maintaining the PS Audio Forum as a civil space for all things musical.


What about Britney Spears, Ludacris, and Fiddy Cent? :joy::rofl:


Ah yes, let’s not forget Britney !