How BHK 250 compares with a Gryphon integrated amp?

Hi guys!
I own an old Gryphon Callisto 2100 integrated amp. It served me well over the years but, you know, the clock is ticking fast so I’m looking forward to meet a match for it. I also have a complete Directstream DAC in my system so people suggested me to connect it to a BHK 250 amp, although it’s far more than what is needed by my Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne bookshelves.
That said, I’d like to hear oppinions from people that have tested / experience with Gryphon or similar rigs (amps, integrates) in order to help me decide if the BHK 250 will fit / overfit my expectations.
Thank you all in advance.

I’m not familiar with your specific equipment (other than the DS) but Paul did an Ask Paul video on matching amps to speakers:

Generally, even small speakers benefit from more power.

Definitely can’t have too much good power on speakers. Flem Rasmussen of Gryphon is a very talented designer and makes great sounding gear. But, I suspect BHK betters it and it’s worth a go. Just my two-cents worth.

A penny for your thoughts… my two cents worth… HEY somebody’s makin’ a penny here!

Yes, yes very old and very dusty.

As always, thank you Paul, for your nearly infinite tolerance.


Flem Rasmussen of Gryphon is an extremely talented and respected designer and I have always liked and admired his work. I have not had the pleasure of hearing his integrated so I do not have an opinion.