How do i hook up my iMac now

Now that i found out my USB and Tos-link cables are crap according to Paul McGowan how do i hook up to my iMac

What are trying to accomplish? Roon setup? Streaming? What role does your iMac play?

My iMac has all my music on it!!

The truth is my system sounds just fine!! I just thought that was a pretty bold statement!! I’ve been enjoying my music for years on my macs. Luckily my macbook pro has an hdmi output. But I’m not sure there is any nice audio gear that has hdmi inputs.

Are you streaming it to another location. My music is managed in my iMac, and the flac files stored on an SSD raid setup. I use ethernet cabling to share the music to renderers both at the computer, and my media center. Are you a Roon user?

My current AVRs have HDMI inputs.

No i don’t have roon i use audirvana plus. i was wanting to buy a dac but whats the use if my only option is usb?

Im assuming that your new connection on your dac is hdmi but you call it something else.

For my office setup, I use ethernet (switch) to a HIFI Berry RPI3 to a Headphone amp. The same ethernet carries signal from my iMac to the media room to a switch to multiple players in my main system. USB has its issues but works fine in my setup. The are all sorts of USB helpers available. Schiit Wyred, Uptone Regen, Audioquest Jitterbug. Schiit Eitr, etc. If it sounds good to you, don’t sweat it…enjoy the music.

My DACs have several different methods of connection. HDMI is not one of them, except on my AVR.