How Do I Wire A single Sub

I have been running two subs using the single ended outs on my BHK Pre, I lost one sub today so is there a way to get a stereo signal into the one working sub ?

Both outputs to the one remaining sub.

And I can still run my full range spkrs off the balanced ?

Nothing changes from what you were doing before except you are running both SE inputs to one sub instead of one each to each sub.

So I need a Y cable ?

If your sub only has a single LFE input then yes you would need a double female to single male Y cable. What is the make and model of the sub?

I would not combine outputs.

I would use the right channel output. In pop music (rock, etc.) the lowest frequencies are centered. In classical, typically on the right side.

JL f113

You would not combine because…?

According to the JL website, your sub has both a left and right input.

Dealer said he didn’t know a way to do a stereo signal with my sub but haven’t gotten his reason why as yet.


Your sub has dual SE inputs for using it with both outputs from a stereo preamp. You use the left input only if you are using one sub per channel or if using the LFE output from an A/V processor. If that dealer sells JL it would cause me pause in dealing with him.

never had a reason in 35 yrs to question his tech prowness but I’ll find out why he thinks that won’t work., Thks for everyone’s help.

From the subs manual.

“For systems with a mono subwoofer or “LFE” channel connection, only
the RCA-type jack labeled “Left or Mono” will be used. This applies to most
modern multi-channel receivers and preamplifier / processors. Separate left and
right RCA-type input jacks are provided for systems without a dedicated mono
subwoofer connection. This typically applies to two-channel audio equipment.”

Outputs are low impedance signal sources meaning that what is played in one channel has to fight the output impedance of the other channel if they are simply put in parallell.
That is what you do with a Y cable. Do not use Y cables for that as they are designed for splitting one output to two inputs, not the other way around. At best there will be sound, at worst the preamp may become unstable or you will experience loss of channel separation in your main speakers. It all depends on how the preamp is designed.

TL;DR - Do not use a Y cable to make a mono signal out of a preamp L+R, It´s bad design.

Yes I suspected something like that