How do the BHK preamp with 300's match up with Sonus Faber speakers

Thinking of purchasing a pair of BHK 300’s to go with my BHK preamp. I’ve noticed that with every addition of a BHK component, the sound becomes more laid back and not as crisp.

I know I’m going about this backwards, but I have a pair of Sonus Faber speakers on my short list. Every time I’ve heard them in the store, they are the only speaker that has me sit up and say wow.

Knowing that Sonus Faber speakers have a reputation for being overly warm sounding, anyone have any thoughts as to how they would match up with the BHK 300’s?

Which Sonus faber speakers are you considering?

Probably the Serifino G2

I loved the Amati G5 when I heard them during Covid. Unfortunately, they went up about $10,000 since then.

My issue with the Serifino G2 is that it is overall a smaller speaker.

My set is a bit ‘off topic’ for your request: BHK pre + 250 and SF Guarneri Memento. Very balanced presentation. Not warm, rather with a light touch as it is a stand mount and an older model by now.

I wouldn’t be afraid to just try it, but don’t forget to take cables into the equation.
Can you arrange something with your dealer?

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Have you heard the FR20 or FR30?

I haven’t, how would you compare the sound of the FR20 to the Sonus Faber, or the B&W 802?

I have the FR20, and have had them just over a year, and have no desire for any other speaker. The clean and open planar ribbon midrange and planar ribbon tweeter are what enticed me to the FR20’s, and then discovered the bass was clean too. Several speakers that have sounded good to me at Axpona in the past no longer sound good to me. I have become spoiled. I have heard the B&W 802 sound very nice when set up properly and have heard them sound not great, when not properly setup. Sonus Faber speakers, I have only heard them at their best, as they have been set up properly when I have heard them, and was impressed with what I heard.