How Do You Rip SACD"s

Is it possible to Rip SACD’s? I remember reading a while back that the only way to Rip SACD’s was with an OPPO universal player. Not sure if anything has changed and there is some software out there that is capable of doing this.


You can also do it with a jailbroken PS3 installed with a specific app.
Do a google search. These PS3 occasionally come on sale on eBay.

I’m using a Sony BDP-S590 the details are here:

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Thanks guys! I was hoping for just software I can purchase. I do have an OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Disc Player but I don’t think I can use it to Rip SACD’s. :frowning_face:

If you want to stay with Oppo you need a 103/105. The software is freeware and I’ve seen compatible Sony devices for as low as $20 the quality of the rip isn’t any different on a Sony vs Oppo

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watchdog507 is pointing to the best resource on the Web for information about using a Blu-Ray player to rip SACDs. I collaborated on the documentation for the Sony BDP-S590 method, so perhaps I’m prejudiced…

There is a growing list of inexpensive Blu-Ray players that can be used to rip SACD ISOs with the free scripts and free software linked at that Audiophile Style thread. All of the models that have been demonstrated to work are listed.


I’ve got a Oppo 105D. So I’ll look into sacd ripping with it. I think bitperfect mac app mas a dsd app for itunes?

I use Roon right now, but I don’t have dsd files yet

Roon correctly identifies DSF files and tags them as such. Mine show up as DSD64 in Roon after the Rip.