How long does it take for our brains to burn in ?

We all agree or mostly agree to what’s called in our hobby as burn in of our equipment . Well I have had my own theory on this. Can it be that our brains take a while to get accustomed to new sounds . I have read this to as a possible example as to how we become more enlightened with our new equipment . Any ideas on this topic ?


It took me six months after I bought my tube preamp to fully acclimate to all the information it was presenting to me.

Wow. I have read about two weeks and do agree. Thanks


Two weeks is for normal break in. But in my case I went from a 25 year-old PS IVH to the AudioResearch LS26 and, while the unit broke in after 50 hours, it took my brain a lot longer to decipher everything that was going on.

Maybe my mind was just slow . . .


Thanks for the reply I think most people expect to here all the changes right away. And this is just not true


Audio gear mostly get better in the burn in proces. With brains it is mostly the other way around at first we like what we hear, becease our focus is on the shortcomings of our previous gear. When we get used to the new sound we start hearing the new shortcomings.

We probably hear all of the changes right away, but it takes a while to listen to enough music to be able to process what we are hearing.

As an analogy, we can typically judge quickly whether we like a new car design or not on first glance. It will take a bit however to understand why. As we consider the new design, we note the proportions, the headlight treatment, etc.

There are also circumstances where we need to learn how to listen. Headphones is the best example. Headphone sound is extremely artificial. It first sounds like sound blobs along a clothesline strung between your ears. But you adjust. After a bit, you can appreciate a sound stage and other more audiophile-like attributes.

I agree , music is very different with headphones. But it does give some basic concept of how the overall sound is with speakers