How to downsample a high rez file to burn a CD?

OK, I purchased higher-rez files… now the wife wants a CD for the car. Now what?

1- How do I do it?
2 - Would I get better 44.1 if I just purchased her a CD?
3 - Would the technique/tool in #1 above for downsampling these files result in the same bit-for-bit that would be on a CD? Better or worse? (assume the record company did not master specifically for CD)

I figured I would get a better answer here than from some open forum where a teenager would post some swiss-army-knife-of-a-tool that butchers the bits.

Bruce in Philly

I use dBpoweramp’s converter to do this kind of thing. The result is probably not bit-identical to a ripped CD but the quality is quite good. (It has options to use dither to convert from 24 to 16 bits, for example.) I would certainly think it would be good enough for car listening.

Can you put the files on some other media and use the aux input? Probably showing my ignorance here.

I have always used the free PC program Audacity for downsampling. I have had it for years and am used to it. It is a bit of a Swiss Army Knife for fiddling with audio.

Since you use foobar2000, you can use it’s convert with, say, the SOX resampler. Personally I prefer the UI of dBpoweramp, it gives more explicit options about what to do in various error cases…

Some of the suppliers of hi-res files give you access to lower resolution versions at no extra cost. I have you checked whether your supplier does likewise?

I didn’t know this… I will check. Thanx

Bruce in Philly