How to rip "the perfect" cd in wav form !?


I wonder how can we rip cds in “perfect” wav form;

using softwares like eac or other very good ones that you know or recommend, that can detect gaps, use accuratte rips etc ?

I had try to get best information out there, but the best i got was in flac form:

But how do i configure eac, or other program to get the best wav rip from a cd ?


I guess EAC and Dbpoweramp are the best ones…I chose the latter.


I start by using Dbpoweramp. In the very rare cases where the CRC from the rip (a mathematical digest of all the bits ripped) does not correspond to those held in the program’s database of rips for that CD, I resort to EAC. This will not create a perfect rip, but it is slow and laborious, and will get as close as is possible for a damaged CD.


hello again;

I rip only in wav nowdays, and because i didnt find a wav eac setup;

I go to eac in accion and in test copy selected tracks, i rip in uncompressed, i get then wav file!

I just hope it doesnt mix with the internal setings that i made for flac using the link: