How to set up Roon with DSD Junior


Hi, I have the latest DSD Junior, all current updates and just got it on my network and its successfully streaming Tidal via Mconnect and sounds great. MQA appears to be woking and Mconnect is indicating that MQA songs are deciding at various bit rates.

I’m ready to add Roon; do I sign up for it on my desktop and then load it into my Iphone from the app store and then run it from my ihpone (which is my preference)? This is how I was using my Blusound set up previously, I only really used the mobile app to select and play music.



I have a hardwired Ethernet connection and use both Mconnect on my iPhone to directly stream Tidal (and soon Qobuz?) from my internet connection through the Bridge II. I also run Roon on my Win10 desktop to stream ripped CD files, and Tidal. Both ways are capable of full MQA.

For Roon, it runs on the Win10 desktop and I use Roon Remote on my iOS devices (both iPhone and iPad) to control. For your phone you just need the Roon Remote app, and the accept remotes setting in Roon turned on. You can’t run Roon itself (Roon Core) on your phone/tablet.


Thanks, i only run mac desktop and laptop and iphone, so do i register for room cia my phone or will run not run on a mac based system, i may not need it at all, im really only need a way of accessing my ripped cd library which sits in both bluspund vault and on my nas drive


There is a Mac OSX version of Roon Core, which you would install. It should have access to your ripped CD files, which it will if they are accessible to the same Mac.


Great and thank you!


I did a trial of Roon an my Mac using the Vault 2 as the music library. It can also work as a Roon endpoint although your DSJ would be better. It ran fine for me. I don’t know if you have read this yet but Roon Labs has an excellent architecture document that tells you how it all works together.


Great thank you, trying to understand if I need Roon at all or if I can access my NAS (or bluesound library) via Mconnect right into my DSD Jr. I’m not planning to use the Bluseound going forward, te DSD blows it away sonically…

Do I need Roon to access my library on my network?

What does the DSJ jr do as a Roon endpoint device?

thanks for your help!


I’m not sure if mconnect control can play files from your nas or not. I don’t use it. Someone else will have to chime in.


You need to be running some sort of music server software. NAS drives usually have something built-in (Asset or Twonky maybe, sometimes their own proprietary software). Some NAS drives can run minimserver, which is donation-ware so free to try. Minimserver can also run on a Mac or PC. I’m not a NAS guy but if you post your make and model someone here can likely provide more specific guidance.


If when you have the DS Jr., Blusound and Mconnect all on at the same time does the Home screen of Mconnect see the storage folders on the Blusound? Should be listed below Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify etc. If so you can play the files straight from Mconnect. In my system it sees the files stored on any other computer on at the time and can play from them.


Interesting, currently it does not bit shows only my iphone, not sure why not any others but now knowing that it should ill nose around a bit more, thanks for the help!


Hi Chris, who can I talk with at PS Audio about a power regenerator; I’m looking at a few pre-owned ones in the market and have a few questions. I think about 1000 watts capable should work. The new ones are nice but above my price range. I’d like to talk with someone in tech rather than sales pls.



I don’t work for PS Audio so can’t help there. :wink: I did, though, upgrade from a many years old P500 Powerplant to a P10 (no longer current model). The old one simply didn’t have enough capacity for my full system, but the P10 does with lots of headroom to spare. I have dedicated 30 amp circuits for my equipment and have never experienced any obvious power quality issues, but the P10 definitely upgraded the overall sound. Equipment plugged are Bryston SP3 and 6B-SST2, Oppo BDP105d, Bel Canto S300, Revel Ultima Sub30 (which has a class AB amplifier, not class D) and Directstream Junior DAC. Powerplant rarely gets above 40% of capacity. You can search other forums for more info.


I would speak to Kevin Jackson. He’s quite knowledgable and a great source of info.


Thanks Paul!