How to switch an amplifier between DS DAC and AV-processor


I’m using DS DAC for stereo and Krell Foundation processor for home treater movies with the set of Pass Labs XA200 monoblocks and Legacy Focus speakers, XLR interconnects.
Currently I have to manually switch cables connected to the inputs of the monoblocks if I want to listen stereo or watch a movie.
Is there better way to organize switching without sound quality loss?
I’m looking for XLR-switching devices, but have concerns about they affects sound.


Have you tried the DS DAC thru the balanced inputs on your Krell, and just use that as your preamp?

Yes I did, and appears to be DS DAC preamp sounds better on high volume compared to Krell Foundation preamp section. So I think this is not a good idea(

You need another preamp that has a Cinema mode input, (where the volume control is bypassed and is therefore fixed). Dac + processor in, Out to power amp. This is how I do it.

Another approach could be to get a good quality analog to digital converter for the processor L/R Out and feed that into the toslink input in the dac.

But BHK Signature Preamplifier doesn’t have this type of input as I see, right?

I don’t have one, but I thought it did

I believe with BHK Signature Preamp, you can program any of the 5 inputs for Home theater bypass. (see excerpt from User Manual). This may allow you to use the Krell processor for movies watching, and BHK preamp for 2 channel music.


And how do you think, is there will be sound quality improvment by adding BHK Signature Preamp to the chain instead of connecting power amps to the DS DAC directly?

Otherwise it will be very overpriced XLR-switch for my case))

There should be, yes. Maybe get a home demo from your dealer

They do have valves in that for me is a no-no. I have a second hand Krell Evolution 202 which equates to a similar value to a new ps audio preamp

Agreed with Chris. Get a BHK for a home demo and listen to see it’s worth the investment and convenience for not having to switch XLR.