I prefer Linux

Did anybody mention Linux + MPD instead of Necrosoft BS? :D

Do we really need to go through this yet again?

We all know one can choose Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. as one’s OS of choice.

Please start a thread presenting how one can use Linux if you would like. I bet there would be those who are interested.

The subject does not say “Windows only” ;)

BTW, it’s a good idea to mention OS in the thread title.

All CAPS servers are Windows based, by definition.

Regardless, it is inappropriate to post with the sole purpose of dumping on the OS under discussion. Again, start a Linux thread if you want to discuss Linux.

CAPS stands for Computer Audiophile Pocket Server. (Sometimes “Pocket” is replaced with “Portable” :D ). There is no OS in the definition. Any OS can be installed on CAPS, provided there is OS support for the used hardware. Just like any application if a particular OS is discussed.

A dedicated Linux thread is a good idea in any case. Just like moving this thread from the “Direct Sream DAC” subforum to, say, General Discussion, since it’s not DS-only related.

CAPS is the acronym, not the definition. :slight_smile: All CAPS servers are Windows based.

[I moved this exchange to this dedicated thread to clean up the CAPS discussion thread. Alekz, please feel free to post your reasons why you prefer Linux here or, at your option, start a new thread.]

Has anyone tried the Audiophile Linux distro?


I don’t have spare quiet PC at the moment so I was reluctant to it, but if someone would have the experience it surpasses the bridges performance I would go for it :)

I did not tested it, but I played with Daphile which works well.


May be ap-linux is going deeper than Daphile in OS optimisation, so it would be nice to get some feedback on it…

The advantage of Daphile is it can be installed on a bootable USB key and tested very easily with good results.

Still no feedback on AP-Linux or very last versions of Daphile?