I2S cable length

I’d like to rearrange my components and I’m wondering if there’s a point where cable length of the I2S will have an audible effect?

The shorter the length the better for audio. I believe after the 2 meter length the sound quality can begin to suffer.

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I believe Pink Faun advised the same less than 2m, preferably 1m or less

OK–I got answers from Kimber and Wireworld and they both said 25 feet, no difference. In fact Kimber said after 30 ft, they sell an active cable.

That sounds like standard HDMI video/audio use specs to me but hey…I know I2S was designed for very close, internal component communication and some say it violates I2S to have an external cable. Whatever.

But like any conductive cable, the longer more chance for bad things to happen.

I bet @tedsmith has a more valid opinion than most.

I’ve been staying out of it :slight_smile:
A HDMI 2.0 can be longer than a HDMI 1.x cable and an HDMI 2.1 can be longer than an HDMI 2.0 … (They keep raising the bandwidth which lets the signals go a little further before they get too rounded off, etc. and better cables have better shielding and better grounding…) I’d be curious if an active cable would pass high frequency noise back to the 5V source…

When any of this becomes audible … ?

How about keeping the I2S short and lengthening XLR, would that help in your situation?

I only want to move my DMP

How far? Just try one of the Monoprice 18Gbps cables from Amazon and see if you can hear a difference.

Thanks. I just bought 12 ft, Blue Jeans Belden FE somethingorother for $35. We’ll see if I hear anything----doubt it.