I2S input as an HDMI ARC?

Can the I2S HDMI inputs on the DS DAC be used as an HDMI ARC input? I’d like to connect my Samsung TV’s HDMI ARC to a decent stereo DAC/integrated amp/receiver and use the TV as a digital source to play Tidal, Amazon music, Pandora, etc, along with all the TV streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, etc). Can this be done, or are we limited to using the digital optical output from the TV into the DS DAC?

The HDMI input is not a standard video&audio HDMI input I’m afraid, it uses a proprietary protocol developed by PS Audio for its audio connecting use. So no, that won’t work, you’ll need to use the optical input. The optical input on the DSD yields very good sound!


With NAD, McIntosh, Naim, Bluesound, and perhaps a few other companies adding a dedicated HDMI ARC to their integrated amp lineup, what are the odds of PS Audio doing the same, specifically to the DS DAC? Using an Amazon Firestick 4K, I can stream Amazon HD from the Firestick. Tidal also allows for CD quality as well via my Samsung TV from the Firestick. I’d love to use my TV as a source (in addition to Ethernet for my Roon endpoint), because, to be honest, using my TV to navigate music with Alexa, along with the ensuing cover art and lyrics scrolling on my 75” TV, it’s a great tool!

I fooled around with ARC on my Oppo 205 until I read that it was very unstable and undeveloped so I gave up.

Minor point of clarification: PS Audio created the spec but it’s not proprietary. It’s use is documented and encouraged.

Jesus from Sonore has maintained this spreadsheet for years to help know what works with what.