IDEA: PX for circuit breaker panel installation

There’s probably a good reason why this hasn’t been done, but I can’t think of it. @Paul why not offer a regenerator that can be mounted next to a circuit breaker?

I may install a new power hungry component (projector, ceiling mount, 220V) and don’t have the room to place a regenerator anywhere. It would be great to install the regenerator at the circuit breaker in my furnace room, then have the electrician run the conduit to the wall receptacle as normal.

You can easily do this. An electrician can install a PowerPlant near the box and the run wires from the unit’s outlets to where ever you want.

But this would be expensive, especially if you are going to run a line from each PowerPlant outlet.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure if this wouldn’t violate the electrical code. It would be breaker → outlet → Px unit → wire which terminates in an outlet

i do not know what the code in your area allows.

I would find a way to have the PowerPlant next to your equipment.

I don’t know what you spend on power cables, but this could be a very expensive experiment.