Identifying Phase with Bridge Input

Is there a way to identify if you are in/out of phase on the PWD with the bridge input? I know the elyric controller would allow this but can it be done without it?

It’s on the PWD MKII remote to invert, but I guess you are looking to know from the start if it is inverting - I don’t think there’s a way.

Is there somewhere I can look on the status report of the bridge from the webpage I can pull up?

I just had a look and searched for ‘phase’ but maybe that’s too obvious. Dennis might be able to advise.

I too would like to know if it’s possible to tell. Other than listening I have found nothing that lets me know…


It tells you on the front panel or the iphone app

Unless something has changed in the latest firmware (I am running 2.13c and 2.0.2) it does not show up on the front panel for the bridge input and since the app development is dead it would be nice if there was another way.

@nile49 user valet_valer here on forums created windows app to control PWD. I can’t recall the specific discussion name so i would suggest you sending valer_valer a message :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will look into this. Dennis, could the phase selection be added to the bridge web page?

I saw his comment about his (valer…) app, but since I run on a Mac I still can’t get there from here.

While I can switch it from the hand held remote, and listen for the proper phasing, the only way to tell is to switch operation to a non-bridge mode and watch what phasing is indicated on the PWD front panel. A back handed way for sure.

Even a + or - symbol on the PWD’s display would be helpful, say between the 2 ‘sliders’ on the bottom of the display.


Hmmm, I thought I tried this. I thought when I changed the phase on the bridge input it didn’t induce a change on the other inputs. I will check this out again. This seems like the easiest thing to do thus far.