iMac as server

Well my 700’s have arrived , so my system is complete for now. I’m using ROON on my older iMac with iTunes , into the DSJ Bridge II , Musical Fidelity pre amp and into the 700’s. There is a Rega P25 TT for vinyl duties
My question to the gurus is - what should I be shutting down on the iMac? So it can focus on the music. It is upgraded to 8 GB Ram and a 1 TB HDD . I’m waiting for the Octave release before make any improvements to the network I have running. Pretty basic , using my wifi router to connect it all up. Ending up with ethernet over power lines in the music room.
A new iMac does my business jobs. Gotta say i’v rediscovered listening to music, love it.
Thanks PS Audio

Nothing better than the joy of rediscovering your music collection once you get a new piece of kit. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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I think it’s hard to use a general purpose computer and optimize things so that you really get a benefit while also continuing to use as for other things. I found that using a Mac Mini and keeping it stripped down and not running other programs and processes helped the sound I get out of Roon quite a bit. I used settings recommended by Mojo Audio to keep the Mac Mini functioning as an audio computer. You may try some of these in your iMac to see if they help at all. Good Luck!

Thanks for the link , I will look into it. The older iMac will be stripped down once I have transferred all necessary file over to the new iMac. Should be interesting to hear the outcome.