Incredible performing TURNKEY modified Mac Mini Music Server/Streamer System + LPS + Storage + EXTRAS! [SOLD]

Up for sale is my beloved, custom, turn-key Mac Mini based music streaming and storage system. This has been my project for the last 6 months. I have gotten this system to sound SO AMAZING! The Mac Mini has been uncannily reliable, beyond my expectations. It has not crashed on me since I have had it. I run it headless using a remote control utility that allows me to access it through my laptop as though it was connected to a display, keyboard and mouse. I have it placed very close to my DirectStream Sr. to reduce cable connection length.

The processor on this Mini is able to handle anything your throw at it. Audirvana+ and Amarra Luxe are such great pieces of software with regard to sound quality. They were built from the ground up with sound quality in mind. I like each for their own reasons. Audirvana+ has the better user interface in my opinion. Amarra may have the slight edge on SQ. Both are included with the system. Currently the Mac is running High Sierra. It is a little less bloated than the current 10.14 version of OSX. However, you are able to upgrade for free to a new version if you wish, but Audirvana+ in particular in incredibly stable under High Sierra and I literally use this computer for nothing other than serving music.

With the Intel i7 processor and 16GB or RAM, you can install and run Roon with no issues whatsoever, including the more demanding DSP functions.

I am selling this system to fund a new music server in the $5000 price range. I can honestly say that based on the others I’ve auditioned, it required a jump to this price range to beat this system the way it is configured.

The complete system and all of the included add-on components and accessories are listed below:

  • Mid-2011 Apple Mac Mini A1347

    • Intel Core i7 2.7GHZ Processor
    • 16GB DDR3 RAM
    • 250 GB SSD (Operating System Drive)
    • 1 TB SSD (Music Storage Drive)
    • Value: $550
  • Tera Dak 12V 10A Power Supply

  • MiniPro RAID V2 FireWire 800, USB 3.0, eSATA 2-Bay Hard Drive/SSD Enclosure

  • Audiophile Grade Power Cable for LSP

    • Value: $50
  • AudioQuest Cinnamon Firewire 800 Cable

  • Audirvana+ 3 – Audiophile Music Player Software – Installed & Licensed

    • V3.5 will be released soon and upgrade will be free!
    • -License does not expire and no recurring fees (unlike Roon)
    • When used with Audirvana Remote app (well worth the $9.99 app fee), it makes for a
      wonderful music streamer and Server.
    • Streams Tidal AND Qobuz
    • Value: $79.00
  • Amarra Luxe – Audiophile Music Player Software by Sonic Studio– Installed & Licensed

    • This software, along with Audirvana+ is considered the best audio
      streaming/playback/Music serving software for sound quality.
    • Streams Tidal AND Qobuz
    • Value: $99.00



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I also use 2014 MacMini and am just curious about converting to 12V and whether you enjoyed a significant improvement and did you investigate or have an opinion about Uptone and Mojo conversions to 12V? Does Audirvana+ let you use the Bridge II on a DSjr. to access ripped music on the hard drive and/or to stream Tidal/Qobuz.

Thanks, Mark.

I have audirvana+ for windows and a bridge I. And yes I can access all my ripped music using the bridge as well as either qobuz or tidal via Audirvana+.

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I would not run a Mac Mini music server without removing the SMPS and adding the LPS with the power filter network. Mac Mini’s are quite an incredible platform for music serving due to the reliable and efficient Unix-based OSX and the low power demanding hardware. Apple designed the Mini with ultra low voltage in mind to keep the form factor small and cool. This bodes well for music serving. If you then dedicate the Mini to music and not load it up with a bunch of superfluous non-audio related software, it is shocking how good it can sound.

I have not used any other 12V LPS on the Mini so can’t offer up any comparisons for you, sorry.

If I convert to 12V, would that make occasional use of e-mail or internet search problematical?

Thanks again.


12v is the stock power supply rating. There is nothing you can’t do with this Mini that you could do on a stock Mini.

Maybe a little offtopic, because this is a FS thread?!

But…no…just a bit of sales assitance for free: :smirk:
@JeffofArabica is exactly right. I use the Uptone (MMK/JS-2)-Setup on a Mid2012 Mac Mini, quite similar to the TeraDak, and you can just forget about the modification. Works absolutely flawless without constraints in normal use, but the increase in SQ is absolutely stunning. If done right, a modified Mini can play in premier league. And if you consider the moderate price level of such a setup, it is even more desirable.

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Would like to buy your system. Please forward method of payment via email or PM and I’ll provide along with my address.


Thanks @gb-70 :+1:

I disconnected my music streaming/server system today so I am able to take proper pictures of everything you get.

Here are some pics…


You cannot see it externally, but this is the power filter network that was installed internally…

SOLD! …to a fine gentleman of the PS Audio community.

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