Infinity IRS-V for sale

If anyone is interested. I came across this ad. I have no connection with the sale, just a FYI.

Paul needs them for music room two!

“There are still only two proper ways for a transducer to propagate sound in a room: a point-source and a line-source. Anything else, or everything in between, is a compromise. Nothing has changed in theoretical acoustics since John William Strutt (Lord Raleigh) published The Theory of Sound in 1877.”

Funny to see them not loose value after all these years. Is $50k what they tend to sell for?

There are many people who think that Infinity RS 1b is better.

Actually no. He is working on the “IRS V Killer” :wink: At some point, Paul may put his set up for sale once the PS Audio reference speaker model alive and kicking.

My guess is that Paul will keep the IRS V just to demonstrate how good the PS speaker sounds in comparison.

You may be right, but my guess is not too many consumers are cruising through Music Room One. To use them as a “sales tool” may be impractical in that sense as they are behemoths!

More likely, the sentimental value of those speakers (and the man who created them) will be enough for Paul to hold on to them. After all, the hard part is getting them. The easy part is keeping them.

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Plus they are so highly customized, and with that new outboard crossover… Wish I could hear them but I’m no where near Colorado.

You can travel to Norway, a set that has got the same trip as Paul’s

I bought mine for $27K and the asking price was $30K.

Actually we just purchased a new building. It’s nearly three times our size (though we’ll only use 2/3 of it) and we’ll be building three new listening rooms. One will be the new permanent home for the IRSV. Another will be the development room containing Arnie’s IRS killer on one end and the working pair we’re developing to sell on the other. The third listening room will be a more consumer oriented room with our lower priced speakers and a Stellar Stack. Lots of work to do to get there and I will make a point of video taping the entire process. We sign the papers for the building tomorrow.


Where? Still in Boulder or?

Yup. Right across the street. Literally. Our address will remain on Sterling Drive.

Walking distance…:grin: Happy for ya. Can’t wait to see the place…

The IRS v that was sold in Norway was actually cheap. 250,000 Norwegian kroner.32.342,51 USD. It is cheap in the EU.

Congrats @Paul on the new building! Sounds exciting on building 3 listening rooms. From watching your Ask Paul videos you mentioned the giant anechoic chamber already at the current building. Keep us posted!

It got ripped out. :frowning:

Uh-oh! Perhaps the previous owners still needed them so transported the material to their new facility. Oh well, one more item on the project list and I’m sure it will be fun building it. :hugs:

So, was Arnie’s IRS Killer complete? A finished prototype? Or, I guess that’s what the ongoing development is all about; finalizing the design(s)?

Regardless, congratulations on the new building. Growth like that is great to see, in this current economy.