Infinity IRS woofers


Hello, My name is Mike, this is my first time to the forums. I have seen Paul McGowan’s IRS set up and have been told he is quite knowledgeable on the subject. I am hoping he or someone on the forums could help. I have built a pair of bass cabs, similar to the early IRS models, to go with the mid/high panels in my avatar. I will be using 4 12" Watkins dual drive woofers in each which I am committed. I do not have a servo. I am looking for the best method to wire the woofers and do I need the Watkins circuit used in the Quantum line. I have had inputs that recommend series/parallel wiring, with and without the circuit. Any ideas?? Thanks, Mike.



Welcome, Ibanez59er!

I have no idea, but hopefully someone will come along who can assist.


Cool looking cabinets! I am envious of this project. Good work. Much depends on the amp you’re going to use to power the woofers. In the IRS there are 6 woofers in parallel and a monster amp capable of driving such low impedance. Expecting you haven’t such an amp, then series both pairs of the woofers, making then on series’d pair, and put those two in parallel. Series woofers will give you 8 Ohms, so you’ll have two 8 Ohm pairs of woofers, place them in parallel and you’re back at 4 Ohms.

The dual voice coil of the Watkins was used for feedback. It sensed the motion of the woofer and compared it in a bridge circuit to the actual input. If you don’t have experience with this then I wouldn’t bother.

Good luck!