Innuos Zenith mk3

Need to admit that Dragons HDMI were my first digital cables. I’m not able to give you comparable opinions between different high level (priced) HDMI cables, stock ones apart.

Anyhow since a couple of years I’m so happy with them, never felt the need to change them for something different. Until next step up, as usual in this hobby.

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I have tried many HDMI cables. Just get the Dragon.

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I was afraid the answer was a $2,000+ cable…

Not yet it isn’t. But there is still time.

Did you call Nick at TMR about AQ pricing? Several of us here have offered this source. Might reduce that
Mr. Hide side of you.

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I just got off the phone with Nick and will be auditioning a couple of AQ cables. He was very helpful and I look forward to making a decision with my own ears very soon, I appreciate the feedback and advice.


Make sure you give the dragon proper break in time. It will change its character several times in the first week before it starts coming into its own! Enjoy the dragon!