Input sensitivity matching

If folks want to do whatever they want to do for their system, I guess more power to you, however, when real mechanics come into focus, some simple common denominators come out. And that’s shielded cables do you no good with EMI at 60Hz or it’s multiples, so the take from that is, change the cable geometry to assist, and keep power away from low voltage cables. That’s simply good sense, and good design, and most of all, safety. That’s why good pros dress racks with power on one side away from all low voltage or snakes ran on the other.

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Common sense, as you said.
I’m not particularly academically versed in electronics yet, yet my common sense of the subjects compensates for that, enough that I understand the main principles to take into account in an audio system.
I find that interest and common sense / intuition go very hand-in-hand. I’ve talked with numerous learned electricians and engineers who didn’t quite grasp some not-too-complex subjects, but then again they weren’t audio engineers…