Instability in Playing Album or Playlist with Bridge II and DS

Hi All I’m hoping someone can help with this. It’s driving me nuts! The Bridge switches from one song usually to the next in the list but sometimes it will only play a few seconds of the next song and move to the next in the playlist. Also sometimes this will end with distortion and static while playing a song.This is a recent problem, previously this arrangement was problem-free.

I’m running JRiver MC 22 (the latest build 108) for PC on a Windows 10 system recently upgraded to “Creative” version. But I’m sure the problem began manifesting itself before that Windows update. I’m running through ethernet router-switch in another room. I tried reverting to a previous version of JRiver but that didn’t seem to help. I have version 1.2.1 of Bridge and switched from Torreys to Huron today and that doesn’t seem to alleviate the problem.

I have a RMA from PSA but thought I would see f there were any suggestions from the group before I pulled the Bridge for return.

Any ideas?



Does it do the same thing when going through USB? If not, probably the Bridge, if it does then it is something with JRiver. I run JRiver 21 with USB, no problems.

The last time Windows 10 did a big upgrade it changed a bunch of settings in a number of programs. I would go through all your settings in JRiver, to make sure something didn’t get changed.

My guess is J River is the problem. Maybe have Jeremy in customer service work with you before sending the Bridge back.