Interest Check: DirectStream DAC mint! (Black) [withdrawn]

Hi, I have a DirectStream DAC in black in mint condition (still has the plastic on top) from a smoke-free, pet-free, child-free home that I might consider selling at $3,500.00 plus shipping. I bought the DS brand new from an authorized PS Audio dealer in December 2014. It has been on the same shelf since then, connected via high-end cables to quality gear and plugged into a PS Audio Quintessence Power Center.

I love the DS and do not particularly want to sell it. So why this interest check? Because I am currently demoing a McIntosh C52 preamp with a built-in DAC against another high-dollar preamp that does not have a built-in DAC (Mark Levinson No. 326S). Both preamps are from the same dealer and I agreed to buy one of them by June 13th. I am having trouble deciding between the two preamps. The Levinson with the DS sounds meaningfully better to me than the McIntosh with its internal DAC. However, the total additional cost of the Levinson plus the $3,500.00 at which I would consider selling my DS is nearly $5,000.00. If someone wants my DS at $3,500.00 (plus shipping), that might push me to choose the McIntosh over the Levinson and sell the DS.

So, if you want a mint DS in black for $3,500.00 (including the remote, manual and factory box), please send me a PM offering to buy mine. I would ship to the USA and Canada, and I would accept PayPal (buyer pays fees), certified checks and cash. Check my perfect feedback on Audiogon, eBay and USA Audio Mart (all under “danielinvermont”) and present an offer with confidence! Thanks.

UPDATE: I did some critical listening last night and this morning with the DS running balanced into the McIntosh C52 and it sounds phenomenal, and meaningfully better to my ears than using the C52’s internal DAC. I might be inclined to keep the C52 and the DS. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the DS, please PM me and we can discuss it. Thanks.

good morning .

the ds is better for sure then the mac dac as you can now hear. I see you are suing a mac pro laptop . if I may suggest a regen as an upgrade . this should seal the deal for you . upgrade from there is a laptop running win 10 with audio optimizer and the regen this will take you to new heights . good luck

UPDATE: I decided to keep the ML326S and return the McIntosh C52, so my DS is no longer available (the DS via the ML326S was just too good!).