Interest Check: Internals from PS Audio PWD MKII

One month ago I purchased a factory refurbished PS Audio PerfectWave MKII DAC and I really love the sound it provides with redbook CD’s!!

Now I want to upgrade to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC because it is reported to have superior redbook playback plus it plays DSD files.

My two choices are:

  1. Purchase the DirectStream upgrade kit to install in my current PerfectWave MKII.
  2. Purchase a DirectStream DAC and sell my PWD MKII.

The downside of the upgrade kit is there is no real value in the boards and power supply from a PWD MKII unless someone with a PWD MKI would want to purchase them to upgrade their PWD MKI to a PWD MKII.

Any thoughts or opinions on which path to take? Anyone out there interested in upgrading their PWD MKI??

I always recommend going with the DS as factory built unless you’re perfectly comfortable going with the kit. The kits are fine and many people have done them with great success - and it is a less expensive route than buying a new one - but there’s a certain satisfaction for many with a factory install. It really depends on your comfort level with installing kits.

Thanks for your input. I just decided to purchase a DirectStream and my PWD MKII will be up for sale.