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I like that phrase, “unlimited enthusiasm.” RIP


San Francisco classical station KKHI provided the soundtrack of my youth. Through KKHI and his time with the San Francisco Symphony, Seiji Ozawa is the first conductor who I became aware of.

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An inelegant title for sure.

For the vinyl aficionado who has almost everything…

This is the bet website to fall down the rabbit hole while listening to music.

Lost Bass Project: Up next… We’ll get the same amount of attention towards child food insecurity. :worried:

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Very historic times we’re embarking upon with all this A.I. technology. This article is an example of one of its many applications. Visually and conceptually, its quite amazing.
I haven’t heard anything about how the audiophile industry might apply A.I. That would be interesting, indeed.

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I don’t know how many of you follow Ted Gioia on Substack but his recent article is disturbing. It explains a lot.


Shelve the lap top and iPhone and support your local music scene by attending live shows and purchasing music direct from the musician.

I live and breath that everyday via BlueStem Jazz, a non-rpofit that books creative music that likely would go unnoticed in our community. We cover any shortfall at the door, tip the band and bartenders, cover the sound board costs and pay the house, all through generous contributions. We are the Real Deal. My role is identifying potential acts and developing relationships for future bookings.

BlueStem Jazz

Get off the couch, and go to a local live show!

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The article neglects to point out how politicians have adapted to this “30 second sound bite” method of communication (the state of the union address being the exception). Just look at our own congress to see how its more important to get “likes” than it is to pass actual, beneficial legislation. Watch any member during a speech or debate; they’re looking at their phones 90% of the time. Talk about addiction and distraction.

Good article. Depressing to think about.