Interesting discussion of wattage/volume


A likeable gentleman but, as with most videos, it should only be about two minuets long rather than 11+. People on video adore hearing themselves talk.


Seems like a genuinely pleasant guy. I liked it. He was articulate and I could have listened to him more. I liked his analogy with the digital camera.


He is charming. I also appreciated his setup and how he used it.

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There is no such thing as Wattage. A Watt (W) is a unit of Power. You can’t have a unitage, it’s a nonsense term. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

The Oxford Dictionary would disagree with you:




  1. a measure of electrical power expressed in watts.
  • the operating power of a lamp or other electrical appliance expressed in watts.

That’s just watt I was thinking :thinking:


The thing with dictionaries is that they get their words from popular use. However, the popular use by uneducated users does not make it correct.

Before anyone gets upset I should qualify ‘educated’ as in electrical and electronic engineering

And then there are “words” in dictionaries like “Irregardless”. Talk about making me cringe.


The word should be in dictionaries as it is used. They indicate it is non-standard use - again appropriate.

The alternative is to ignore popular use, a nonsensical approach - attempting to ignore reality.

I disagree, I suggest you educate people if they talk nonsense, rather than embrace and spread the nonsense.

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You misunderstand, the dictionary is not embracing the misuse but is informing people.

The alternative is for there to be no entry in the dictionary - which educates no one.


I was curious about his having a giant brick surface on the wall. He is an audio engineer so it must be okay.

I can’t tell what’s on the other side opposite the brick wall. If it’s similar, it could work just fine. I’ve heard systems in unfinished basements with concrete all over the place and the sound was quite bad. Odd reverb and bass was crap.

Have a great weekend. Hey. I moved house and now have a hum. I did the three part test. Appears to be common ground loop. Do any PS Audio products address?

So far, no thoughts about (etymologists, look away!) wattage/volume.
Anyone agree or disagree with him?

Power rating / volume

No, none of our pieces can eliminate a ground loop. I’ve never used one, but folks have had luck with something like this.

Interesting video.
I found this the other day. It takes in a lot of different parameters. Fun to play around with.

[Peak SPL Calculator]

Cheers folks!