Interesting discussion of wattage/volume

EU plug?
link please

The demo would have to be live to make the point.

I don’t see your point. Please help me understand your idea.

You cannot hear the volume levels demonstrated unless you are in the room.

Ok. Didn’t understand what you meant by “live”.
Now that I’m somewhat more than 70, I’m no longer quite sure what “live” is.
Will somebody please answer that phone!!!

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I just got this little device in. Hooked it up. Works great. Music sounds better than ever. Thanks for the tip.

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Great to hear! Seems like it works well for a lot of people.

An unscientific (yet more understandable) way of explaining it would be to use, as an example: two legendary vintage speaker designs which were worlds-apart from one another in power requirements, the 1960s Acoustic Research “A.R.3” vs. a Klipschorn. The closed-box, acoustic suspension A.R. was only 81db efficient while the Klipsch was, like, 97db by contrast. A volume setting on a 25wpc amp (for the sake of what the minimum power requirement A.R. used to specify for the 3 model), would correlate to: having to turn the volume control to nearly the 12:10 mark (presuming?: the amp wasn’t already horribly distorting…funny sidebar: such a low-wattage vintage Sansui amp could take it, from personal experience, while the now-coveted '70s Marantz ones couldn’t!) to get room-filling loudness out of the A.R. speaker; however, oppositely: the Klipsch would already be at ear-bleeding loudness (from the same amp) with the volume control only at the 50-minute position.