Interesting take on ringing, digital filters, and real music

Interesting results whereby min phase filters do the most harm with real music. In his previous article he highlighted the min phase filters can round the leading edge of square waves as well… perhaps that’s why I feel they are lifeless at times.


I’ve said it before and I say it often now - filters that prering aren’t necessarily a problem in fact they can be a solution. Without them you can’t reproduce the wave shape of the original (band passed) signal. And the result of using them doesn’t necessarily have any preringing at all.
When I started the DS I too wanted to stay away from prerining filters, but I also had other things that I wanted to do and it turned out that I couldn’t do all of them at the same time. Working thru the logic and doing research showed that my “no prerinning” goal was the root of evil.
People here have repeatedly reported that sound after I add more prerining to the DS’s filters is better (tho they probably wouldn’t if they knew that’s what I was really saying.)

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Amen, brother! :grin: Ton über alles!

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Coincidentally I ran across this more colorful statement about ringing, digital filters and real audio:

Point 2 in:,115577.msg953761.html#msg953761

I don’t agree with his conspiracy theory view of things, nor the exact details about when something is audible but he gets the theory correct and is entertaining.

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