internet radio


To stream internet radio through my PWD via wifi would you advise soundQwise:

:logitech squeeze duet/touch or perhaps Sonos. At the moment I use an powermac and a usb cable to play some music. However, I usually use the PWT as source. So I am a noob regarding streaming.


I would go with the Squeezebox Touch if you can get one. Next, probably the Duet and Sonos third. No doubt there may be other opinions.



Thanks - Any other options? I mean perhaps someone has experience here with other gear? I like to keep it simple -


There are a number of network media players intended for video playback that may be able to do internet radio as well. Look at Roku, Western Digital Live, Boxee Box, Popcorn Hour and legions of similar hardware… For some reason the Popcorn Hour products ( intrigue me whenever I am looking at these media players. Nothing concrete, just some kind of gut feeling… Also, not that I have looked at these products that much either. I have run across them when looking for network audio players.



OK! That’s quite a list; and these can also be used together with a music server I guess…


Probably. You would have to research each device to see what its source and output capabilities are.



OK, I’ll have do do some further research. Better save some holiday money and check things out this summer.