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I just got into hi res streaming and have a 1TB monthly usage restriction so I’m asking what are the usual monthly streaming usages. I know how to look at my usage, just trying to get a feel for hours streaming and what rare hi res and usage. I have been doing this for a month and only 175GB; however only a week into hi res.

I think 1TB would cover about 400 hours worth of 24/192 FLAC streaming if you download nothing else. It would be more than adequate for most people.

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Thanks, was streaming for a week 24/192 and thought crap… been streaming 15hrs a day for a week working at home w/ 2 laptops running all day. I never considered this till I went hires streaming. Then looked at my usage (never did that, ever) and saw 175GB for 90% of a billing cycle and calmed down. Then I thought others could be guessing the same so thanks for your input.

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I stream Tidal and JB Radio 2 for anywhere from 2-8 hours/day. ~avg 700GB per month total usage with many connected devices including several video streamers.

JB Radio 2 runs about 2.3Mbps when I lasted checked, don’t quote me but that would be 23.6GB/day or 700GB/month.

FWIW multiplying sample rate by sample width (in byes) by channels (in bytes approx. 4 or 6 times the sample rate) will give your close to the raw size.

Lossless compression can only get about a factor of 2, really good sounding lossy compression can get around a factor of 4.

So an hour of raw CD uncompressed is about 640MBytes (hmm, about the side of a CD :slight_smile: )

An hour of raw 24/96 is just about 2Gigs.

So a TB is approx. 65 days of 24/7 uncompressed CDs or 20 days of uncompressed 24/96 24 hours per day.

Random overhead will lower these a little, but not enough for a TB / month to be a practical limit.

Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for to help the community. I will not pay extra, just looking for relative streaming numbers. As an engineer, it’s all about numbers…

Thanks Ted… as usual, great follow up.

I just started steaming for my dogs out in the shop/garage. I will likely pop over my limit with it on 24/7.

It’s a utility with little regulation. How about cost? I pay $79.99/month for measured 120Mbps down / 10Mbps up. No supplied gear, nor ‘inside cable insurance’.

I just checked it out and can I pose as your dog… :flushed:
That is just toooooo funny.


Never heard of a cable provider capping download usage. Is this a satellite or mobile provider?

Look at your internet provider contract. Most are 1TB monthly w/ $10per 50GB overage. Never brought up cause only 2% go over. I have Cox, just looked at contract after getting into hires streaming before I looked at a bill they hand me with overages. Look at data usage on your ISP website for your account. It will be under tools, data usage. If you love to analyze, the tool shows daily, monthly, and current usage and % of max. In addition they send you email at >85% max… After a week streaming 24/192 for 10hrs a day I looked and with 4 days on billing cycle I have 17% usage so I sat back down, tuned into JB Radio-2 and let it rip…:sunglasses:

Now that I have the data, planning serious streaming is in order. If I’m getting boned by ISP, going to work it like Brett and hitting it hard. And, since I am poor and have zero property value with no streaming security and a dumb home… audio is the ticket.

Its become commonplace in Southern California. 1TB is typical. A small % of users probably consume 3/4 or more of the bandwidth.

Most of the ‘upstream’ routers are many slot, multi-terabit boxes serving a few thousand or more customers. They are impressively capable packet movers but there are limits.

I have a pair of these, 7010, as the core of the network I manage.

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@tedsmith - I have 2 laptops running all day and stream all day and on a mid-level plan up to 150mbps download and have a gbps wireless router that can handle a higher rate. However, I figured the higher rate would require more BW. So I figured just enough rate to allow an efficient laptop and streaming activities without impact. What are your thoughts on ISP rate versus HF noise and audio quality?

Oh, forgot Ted - I am a typical engineer - very cheap. Don’t want to pay for service I don’t need.

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Hi, where can we find the high-res stream for JB Radio 2? I am seeing a 320kbps MP3 stream on vTuner+ in the mconnectControl app. Thanks very much.

I left you the flac url, better sound at 24/192

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The ISP typically uses the same hardware no matter what plan you are on, they just throttle the packets to limit you bandwidth.

I’d guess that the local network rate (1 gig) and the traffic pattern on the local net (noise caused by the packets “flying” around) would swamp the effects of packet timing from the ISP.

In other words, what you do matters most no matter what plan you are paying for and the good news is that audio is relatively speaking, pretty slow and hence already throttled a lot.


Yes, the slowest plan for good efficiency and audio is slow… what is the point of GBPs if you are not using it…

I’ll take a look - if so I’ve never gone over. I stream 4k UHD content all the time and haven’t had an issue to this point. I doubt music streaming would ever cause an issue.

This post is just a heads up to the community. I will never go over; however, I was at 100GB monthly before streaming.