Is Digital Link III USB input limited to 48KHz ?


I just got my Digital Link III ( I know it is not current product), and the WASAPI driver (which installs automatically) seems to be limited to 48KHz.
Is that so?
Do I need to resample higher rates down to 48KHz ?

Do optical or SPDIF inputs have the same limitations, or can they go higher?

BTW - so far it sounds great!


I believe the SPDIF inputs are limited to 96kHz. It’s been a while since I had a DLIII, but I never used the USB so I don’t know if it had a different limit.


OK this is what I have found out.

Indeed the USB input only accepts 41KHz & 48KHz.
The SPDIF accepts anything (if I read it correctly) upto and including 192KHz, I tried
41 - 48 - 88.2 - 176.4 - 192 KHz - it stops at 352.8KHz, you get an error message.


Thank you for following up and letting us know.


Is the optical input capable of 192/24 as well, or just the digital cable. Thanks