Is Direct Stream DAC Handling of Audio Portion of Video Signal Introducing Sync Problems?

I’m considering the purchase of a Direct Stream DAC and would like to use it not only for music but also in connection with my TV. My question in this regard is: Does the audio processing / buffering introduce a lag that will make the sound not sync properly with the picture anymore?
Does anybody know what the amount of lag is in milliseconds?

No, the processing doesn’t have a noticeable lag. Maybe Ted can jump in with numbers but I have never noticed any synch problems.

I use a Apple TV 3 via optical to DS and notice the ever so slight lipsync issue from time to time but it’s not enough to worry about. I would estimate its between 5ms and 10ms. It could be the stream or the Apple TV contributing some or all of it. I think the DS is pretty quick…rest of chain from DS balanced to BHK pre balanced to M700.

The more significant contributor is probably the display and its processing latency.

Most modern smart TV have an adjustable lip-sync delay setting in their setup menu. The optical out of my Samsung Q7 goes to the DAC and I didn’t have to adjust the lip-sync setting at all.

I have my Sony TV plugged into the optical on my DAC. I have never noticed a lag during any type of material. Hope that helps…If I understand your question correctly…

I have not noticed any lip sync issues with my LG OLED connected through the DSJr and I am typically pretty sensitive to them.