Is it possible to breakout the I2S protocol from the Sony UBP-X800 using the UBP-X1000ES Universal Player as a Reference

Hi There,

I have both Sony UBP-X800 and UBP-X1000ES Universal Disc Players. While awaiting the arrival of my Stellar stack. I was wondering if it’s possible to access I2S protocol pins on the main PCB. What I’d like to do (obviously it’s at my own risk and I’ll be voiding the warranty of the X800 machine) is fly some wires off of the main PCB’s ribbon header’s PCB pads that would normally go into the internal DAC (referencing the UBP-X1000ES internals) and connect them to an off-the-shelf recommended assembled PCB that takes the incoming I2S signals and outputs them to an HDMI connector that would connect to the Stellar DAC/Preamp. I have scoured the “interwebs” trying to purchase a schematic for either of these machines with no luck. I understand that the “Audio Only” HDMI output connectors of both these machines are NOT I2S (or am I wrong in that assumption and they truly are I2S).

The link below has further pictures with details.

Any help would be much appreciated.