Is it safe to swap XLR ic's on PSA gear without putting into standby?

I know this can’t be done with single ended RCA ic’s, because you’ll create a short. I have in the past swapped XLR ic’s without turning off or placing gear into standby, but just wondering if that is safe to do with all PSA gear?

I have done so a few times with PS Audio equipment and hundreds of times with studio equipment without incident.

But I am sure someone else will say better safe than sorry.

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Also the problem with the RCA is more of an open rather than a “short”.

When you plug the RCA in the inner signal pin connects first before the shield / ground.
That is when you get that buzz in the system for an instant.

I can say that you can’t hurt the DS Sr.

I’d be more careful with the DS Jr: Sometimes if you connect the signal before the ground you can have, say, 120V (at a very low current) on the interconnects. Probably not a problem on the Jr but I don’t recommend it.