Is MQA via the Bridge only?

Hello -

I began with a Mac Mini with Roon and then added the Aurender N10.

Aurender just came out with the MQA download for $49.99 and installed with no issues. It will conduct first unfold then pass the file to a DAC.

It appears the unfolding for Direct Stream is not occurring since the connection between the Aurender N10 and Directstream is via AES. Is this correct? If so, can something be done, or is it on the programming side from PS Audio? If so, is this something already in the works, or soon to be?

MQA is only through the Bridge and is not planned to be any other way.

Thank you for responding.

I was afraid of that, of course after the download.

How did you learn that it is not planned any other way?

There has been a great deal of discussion of MQA here. If you put MQA into the search box you will find many threads on the topic, including discussion of PS Audio’s decision to decode MQA only in Bridge II.

PS Audio DACs do not decode MQA because PS Audio is unwilling to compromise its DAC’s performance merely to accommodate the compressed format of MQA. Bridge II does full decoding as the Bridge can perform the decompression without adversely impacting DAC performance.

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