Is TDA7056 Suitable for Audio Power Amplifier


I’m making an audio power for my battery-fed recorders.It’s my first time to research it and I need some help.

As far as the information shows in the internet, I need a mono Bridge-Tied Load output amplifier with DC volume control.

Now in my thought,there is bridge-tied-load configuration and the loud-speaker is served as “bridge”between two active value.While a full alternating current signal will be produce at the loudspeaker without a transformer or symmetric power supply.Please pay attentions to that I don’t want to add any external components to build a fully functional amplifier circuit !

Here the library shows that the TDA7056(datasheet for reference) is suitable for my audio power amplifier and what’s more the good stability it has. I want to ask you some advice about it . Have you used it? how do you think it and is it same as the library showed?

How about its power consumption?

Your suggestions will be appreciated!