Is the Mofi gate and lawsuit just the beginning?

Last week started building a free online database for sonically outstanding vinyl reissues that goes beyond just MoFi titles. You can filter by different information. For example, to see only the digital MoFi titles. Or all AAA 45rm mono titles from 1997 to 2006. It’s free, and it’s for you.

While doing this work, we saw that there are more labels not 100% transparent in this regard. Also, Blue Note, Classic Records, and many others stay vague, misleading, or do not provide any detailed information.

For example, means neither mention analog nor digital that it is digital? This is what Blue Note obviously thinks.
Or, did Acoustic Sounds bite more than they can chew when they claimed to be fully transparent about digital sources?

We collect and share our findings about other well-known but not-so-transparent reissue labels on the website and in our newsletter.

Leave a comment on what label you want us to add next.

Greeting from Vienna,

PS - The Pure Neo Magazine is still in beta status. Or, to be precise, it’s an MVP in stealth mode. Soft-launch is in 2023. Full-launch 2024.