Is the there a sonic benefit running BubbleUPnP through Jriver?

Is the there a sonic benefit running BubbleUPnP through Jriver?

When I attempt this there is no option in BubbleUPnP you use Jriver as a renderer, only bridge.

Also I am using bubble and attempting to go through Jriver to avoid network problems I was having with MConnect.

Has anyone experienced network issues using Bubble to control Tidal in DSJR?

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In case it helps others…

Here is what has been happening to me with network issues and what I may have discovered.

MConnect Control…skipped tracks, start stops, stops.
Roon…the same…
JRiver the same…
Bubble the same…

Now I hate to have to pay out to conduct this experiment, but someone has to I guess…$40 Jriver, $100 Roon…

I may have discovered something.

Using JRiver, Roon, MConnect, and Bubble…I had the same (network?) issues.

I looked down at my phone suspiciously, Galaxy 8S, the one constant…I put the phone away and used the Macbook on wifi to control Roon…zero problems…so far.

I feel confident that for whatever reason, the phone is the problem. Maybe it could be fixed through settings, but Im not interested in figuring it out. Maybe it is limited to Galaxy 8S.

Hope this helps someone…

Suggestion for noobs like me it might be nice to set up a Box Chart listing all known programs (mconnect jriver roon etc) and options, what they do, don’t do, etc…just a suggestion. It can be difficult to someone that was anolog for decades and just seeing digital for the first time.