Is there a way to enable chromecast support on the bridge 2?

Hi all,
I know I can use Mconnect Control to stream Tidal content to the directstream, but I would like to be able to use the Tidal application itself which is way better than Mconnect control. Tidal can stream to external DACs using Chromecast and it finds many appliances in my house but not the directstream. is there anyway to enable chromecase support on the bridge2?

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Not sure about chrome cast - but with Apple TV, I connect the Apple TV device to the same network as the DS, hook it up to the DS via optical and then I can stream.
Obviously u will be limited to 16 bit, 48K PCM I think…

I’ve got ChromeCast Audio plugged into my DS via the optical input and it works fine (along with whatever limitations come with the dongle). I use it on occasion when I’m accessing a music source that doesn’t interface with the Bridge II. The only hassle is that you have to switch between inputs to use it. It essentially serves the same purpose as the Bridge II … but in a more limited fashion.

yes that is a solution, however I would prefer having it in the bridge as the bridge is the only interface which can unfold MQA files. Not everybody is on board with MQA for the “ultimate sound”, it is however still better than plain CD and until a different format is better and as widely available as MQA (at least on Tidal) that support is the one to be provided.