Is there a way to sort items by SOLD versus Available- 80% of items are marked Sold!

Don’t need to scroll through hundreds of items with no prices that are marked SOLD.

Interested in only viewing items that are still available for sale!

Maybe we as sellers can commit to deleting the item once sold. And if we fail on occasion to remove the listing, @Elk can be our QC backup by deleting the listing once the sale is confirmed. However, the burden really should rest upon the seller to do their part.

I agree that it does create a lot of clutter and in many instances the seller removes the price once the item is re-titled as “SOLD” - thus offering no inherent value to anyone stumbling on the “post-mortem” ad after the fact.

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I am unaware of any way to sort between sold and not.

I started marking all titles sold once the transaction completed so at least one would not have to read through the thread to determine whether the item is available. Sellers picked this up and have recently been very good at adding a sold label.

Certainly. But it may still be worth creating a new “good faith” policy of asking sellers to delete the ad once sold, rather than simply marking it as “SOLD.” Unless there is sound reasoning to retain such ads, it seems a better house keeping approach to rid the old ads so active ads have a better chance of being discovered.

Certainly a viable approach.

It is unfortunate sellers delete the asking price as this information would be helpful for both subsequent sellers and buyers.

I completely agree. Audiogon does the same thing while other platforms like US Audio Mart and Ebay keep the asking/sales price information in the ad even after it has ended which is very useful.

Superphonica shows which items have been sold but does provide a sort function so you can only view active items. This isn’t complicated to do. If nothing else the admin for the PS Audio site should create a similar function- looking at “sold” items with no pricing is a total waste of time imo. If prices were there it’d at least be somewhat helpful to gauge what the same item may really sell for when another item pops up.

As long as Elk is very careful. Not long ago, someone with rights to edit ads, but not me, marked an item I posted sold when it wasn’t. There were two cables and after the first went I had edited the post to make clear one was left. When I came back to change it after the second sold (by other means), I found the subject line marked sold.

There is also some value to having items that show asking prices still available for viewing. I use them as a reference. How about creating a separate thread in Marketplace where sold items are moved?

I have not marked anything sold in a very long time; sellers have been wonderfully conscientious modifying their threads indicating what has been sold.

As a practical matter, if anything is mislabeled, as the thread starter just change it back. Trivial. Mistakes happen.

Would be nice if the sellers would mark the sold items sold…

I try to catch sold items and change the title, but I am certain I miss some and can only rely on what is in for sale thread itself.

No worries Elk. Seems incumbent on the poster to clean up and mark sold the thread they originate.

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