Is There Any Point To Entry Level Vinyl?

I ground cartridge/arm, motor and arm base separately to the same point. But this is just necessary if all of it is metal.

Called Fluance. They explained that their $99 phono preamp does not have a ground on its wall wart and that in some setups, their specific phono preamp can cause a hum and need the second ground. They clarified that there’s nothing unusual about the RT85, but rather it’s an uncommon potential issue with their phono preamp. They did advise that a screw could be loosened on the amp chassis and the ground attached, though Hegel wasn’t keen on that idea.

Fluance agreed with Hegel that their manual is poorly worded. New stock for the RT85 due in April. Which is good as Salamander is having a sale and I just blew my audio budget on a new rack, $400 off was too good to pass up :nerd_face:


Looks like you’ve got your solution. Lifting a chassis screw on the Hegel seemed iffy at best. As Hegel does not recommend it and Fluance notes the weakness in their phono pre-amp you’re basically there. Did you pre order a Fluance or at least get on a waiting list?

Unfortunately, Fluance doesn’t offer those options. Simply must wait. They did provide a 5% off code :+1:

It’s ok, I’m fine with waiting.

Did you go with walnut? They didn’t have the lighter wood color when I ordered, which I find quite attractive. I have the dark walnut. Had two of them actually but got a SL1210GR and traded one into PSA for my P12. Both worked really well for me.

If there is one thing I’d suggest, and it doesn’t matter which TT a person has, is to make sure you have an isolation plan in place ahead of time. If your turntable is sitting next to your sub, there’s a 99.99% chance you will hear the epitome of isolation/decoupling problems.

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They offer walnut and bamboo, besides black. Have until April to decide, but will be one of the wood veneers. Yes, sub on one side of the rack, turntable will be on the other. Is that enough?

Depends on the flooring and foundation type but there are ways to isolate them sub for not much money starting with the Auralex or similar isolation pads.

Does the isolation pad go under the turntable or the sub?

Yeah, that bamboo is dope!

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The Auralex type devices go under the sub though they and others make devices for under the TT. Under my TT I use a 3" Maple Butcher Block with Herbie’s between it and the rack. Just a habit I got into from living in an apartment years ago with suspended floor. Depending on your flooring situation you may not have a problem.

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Are you dissatisfied with the walnut? Does it look fake?

Yes, bamboo looks cool.

Nope. I dig the walnut. It errors only on the side of glossy, if anything. I’ve always been fine with how it’s implemented, even with lights on. I wouldn’t want the bamboo only because my RT-85 is meant to be my #2, for playing slightly lesser quality LPs (when I don’t want the nicer cart to see scratches or something badly warped)…it’s tucked away a bit. #1 TT is traditionally located on top of my stack front and center.

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I read a spectacular review of the ifi Audio ZEN phono amp for 160$ or so. Must be worth a listen.

You might try this system: