Is This Savageable? I think I already know the answer......


I have a call into service for some idea of what happened but here are the remains.

This is what remains of a PCA-2 that worked perfectly fine since 2005. I sold it to a nice fellow. As I decided to sell it I had already committed to buying a second PCA-2 with a HCPS. I sold the 2nd PCA-2. And then sold the HCPS to the fellow that bought my PCA-2. Apparently the case got so hot that he burned and blistered three of his fingers.

The HCPS innards look ok. I will post those next.

Anyone have any idea what happened?



Here’s the HCPS:



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Easily moved. :)

The magic blue smoke certainly was let out of this unit.


From the looks of it I would guess someone tried to run this on 230 volts when it was set for 120, but that;'s just a guess. Definitely hosed.


Wow. Full on fire. That must have smelled like hell.