Is your Room Calculator correct?

hi paul,
i am building a new house right now and i can realize my dream to build a dedicated music room in the basement. thanks for making a paul’s video for me:

now my question: the height of the room is 2,4 meters. your room calculator on the website writes as best dimensions 3,8 meters x 5,6 meters. is this realy correct? when i calculate with the golden ratio by myself the result is 3,8 meters x 6,6 meters. what is wrong?

thx for your help and i’ll post pictures of the new listening room when i have finished.

greetings from germany

There are many many articles about listening rooms and room dimension calculators available on the web. You may want to do some serious research into what you are going to live with for quite a while. It is your investment.

To my knowledge, our room calculator is based on a modified Golden Ratio calculation. it’s not quite an exact match to the traditional Golden Ratio because Paul has found equivalent or better results using this modified formula.

However, as akubacki mentioned, room acoustics is a deep, complicated field. We only scratch the surface.

I’d take a look at Cardas’ recommendations. If you can make a room that is not traditionally shaped, then I would definitely consider their Golden Trapagon.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the room once it’s finished!